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ISBN: 9780470192306 - Labrador Retriever
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Labrador Retriever

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Liz Palika

ISBN: 9780470192306
Format: Hardback
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Edition: 2nd Revised edition

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Your Happy Healthy Pet 30-minute large-breed training DVD contains bonus material specifically for your Labrador Retriever! Dog behavioral trainer Peggy Moran shows you how properly training your Labrador Retriever makes your best friend a Happy Healthy Pet for life. A Labrador Retriever is an adorable bundle of black, yellow, or chocolate joy.






Packed with full-color photographs, this fun and practical guide gives you everything you need to make your relationship with your Labrador Retriever even better. Inside, you'll find: Characteristics to look for when choosing a Lab; a list of supplies you'll need; advice on grooming, feeding, and training; a chart to keep track of important information. In addition, a bonus DVD shows you how to teach your furry friend basic commands and tricks, correct inappropriate behaviors, and understand her unique personality.

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