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ISBN: 9781571675828 - Lessons Learned
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Lessons Learned

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An Open Letter to Recreational Therapy Students & Practitioners

David R. Austin

ISBN: 9781571675828
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sagamore Publishing

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This book provides a personalised approach and a fresh, bold guide for students and practitioners in recreational therapy. This thought-provoking, inspiring, and accessible text will help the next generation of recreational therapists to find purpose, meaning, and fulfilment in their own lives and to bring health and happiness to their clients. Sections include: Understanding Recreational Therapy, Approaches to Recreational Therapy, Conceptual Foundations of Recreational Therapy, Working with Groups, The Recreational Therapist, Techniques for Recreational Therapists, Social Psychology and Recreational Therapy, and What to Do and Not Do as a Recreational Therapist.