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ISBN: 9780435031978 - Health and Social Care (Adults): Candidate Book: Diploma Level 3
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Health and Social Care (Adults): Candidate Book: Diploma Level 3

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Yvonne Nolan

ISBN: 9780435031978
Format: Multimedia Item
Publisher: Heinemann
Edition: 3rd Revised edition

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Heinemann offers a total solution for those taking and delivering the new Level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care, supporting candidates in their qualification so that they in turn can support others. Written by Yvonne Nolan, our resources lead candidates down the pathway to success, and help them achieve healthy results.





* Written in line with the QCF to provide comprehensive support for the new Diploma in Health and Social Care, which has replaced the NVQ. * Covers the mandatory units alongside a selection of the most popular optional units to help ensure candidates have everything they need to help gain success with the new specifications. * Written by best-selling author Yvonne Nolan, so you can be confident you have the expert support your candidates need to succeed. * Extensive coverage of every aspect of the qualification, including key information such as legislation and theory given in clear, succinct ways. * Personalisation is integrated throughout, to help candidates put the individual at the heart of care. * Assessment advice for every topic in each unit ensures your candidates have everything they need to succeed. * Engaging case studies and real-life examples bring learning alive, helping your candidates to apply their learning. * A motivating variety of content keeps reluctant learners engaged, whilst the smaller book format makes the books more portable and easier to use.

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