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ISBN: 9781780991191 - Losing Face
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Losing Face

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Annie Try

ISBN: 9781780991191
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Roundfire Books

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Could you cope with facial injuries and losing an eye? Cass does, with Em's help, but everything is changed!





Losing Face takes the form of Word documents, interspersed with emails. It covers the accident and recovery of Cass, who sustains terrible facial injuries in a car crash, including the loss of an eye. Her friend Em supports her throughout and the two very different girls struggle in their own ways to cope as Cass undergoes surgery, eventually returning to a mixed reception in school. Throughout the story, friendship and values are challenged, particularly through Cass's relationships with her mother and with her boyfriend, Spider. Courage is redefined and the triumphant final chapters celebrate that life is worth living. New beginnings and new relationships are promised.

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