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ISBN: 9780550100320 - Lost Wisdom
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Lost Wisdom

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Una McGovern

ISBN: 9780550100320
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Chambers

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An engaging introduction to traditional knowledge and forgotten wisdom





cooking with a range - counting sheep - curing drunkenness finding water - signalling with semaphore - identifying plants and trees making and taking tea - natural first aid - using an abacus navigating by nature - preparing antidotes to poisoning predicting the sex of a baby - repairing clothes curing warts - weather forecasting Lost Wisdom is a celebration of the time-honoured wisdom upon which we all once relied. It draws on folklore, tradition and superstition, and is packed with amusing anecdotes and historical extracts which illuminate the beliefs and knowledge of our ancestors. It brings to life the wisdom and practical skills that helped generation after generation, only becoming lost with the advent of mechanization and the technological age. Following in the footsteps of Lost Crafts, Lost Wisdom is a beautiful book that will once more immerse you in the pleasures of the past.