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ISBN: 9780091856762 - Loving Yourself, Loving Another
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Loving Yourself, Loving Another

The Importance of Self-esteem for Successful Relationships

Julia Cole, Relate

ISBN: 9780091856762
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Vermilion

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This text reveals how a lack of self-esteem can profoundly affect an individual's close relationships. Comprising exercises, advice, and self-awareness puzzles, this guide is designed to help the reader improve their emotional well-being.





This guide shows how self-esteem affects the quality of one's relationships. Relate counsellor Julia Cole suggests that low self-esteem -no matter whether due to one's character, upbringing or adult experiences - is one of the main reasons that people fail to have satisfying relationships. This book shows what makes people choose a particular partner, and includes advice on how to: -manage a difficult relationship where one partner withdraws or suffers from depression or aggression -identify what is a healthy relationship -build strong 'couple esteem' for a healthy, long-lasting relationship -and improve sex through exercises and advice.