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ISBN: 9781854594532 - Lulu
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Frank Wedekind

ISBN: 9781854594532
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Edition: New edition

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Lulu follows the decline and fall of a young woman possessed of a fatal combination of sexuality and innocence. She passes from German and Parisian high society to the streets of Jack the Ripper's London - destroying, and ultimately destroyed by, her lovers.





Lulu is a walking, talking object of sexual desire. Each of the first four acts of the play sees her married to a different man, each of whom dies at the end. In the fifth act, Lulu has become a prostitute in late-Victorian London where she encounters Jack the Ripper, who she deliberately leads on. This is Nicholas Wright s new version of Wedekind s early 20th century erotic drama."

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