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ISBN: 9781860992438 - Major Energy Companies of the World 2001 2001
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Major Energy Companies of the World 2001 2001

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ISBN: 9781860992438
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Graham & Whiteside Ltd
Edition: 4th

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This fourth edition profiles the 4000 largest players in the energy sector throughout the world. It has been revised to provide up-to-date coverage of all areas of the industry including coal mining, electricity supply, fuel distribution, natural gas supply and nuclear engineering.






New research ensures each Graham & Whiteside directory remains the most authoritative source of information available on companies throughout the world. For the first time, where it has been possible to obtain this information, the directory details mergers and acquisitions, divestments, major products and joint ventures. Ticker symbols have also been included and more companies than ever now have website addresses listed.