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ISBN: 9781845284138 - Managing Conflict in the Workplace
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Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Shay McConnon

ISBN: 9781845284138
Format: Paperback
Publisher: How To Books Ltd
Edition: 4th Revised edition
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This book gives an understanding of the origins and nature of conflict, and enables the reader to find solutions through open communication and mutual trust and respect. It offers a simple structure which will allow all parties to reach the magic of win-win. Contents: About the authors; Preface; Introduction; 1. How the view explains our differences; 2. Differences in personality types; 3. Fight the difference or celebrate it? 4. Are you building a bridge or a barrier?; 5. Understand and manage your feelings; 6. Develop your skills and increase your choices; 7. Four steps to resolution; 8. Preventing conflict; Appendices; Bibliography; Index; Conflict resolution workshop.