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ISBN: 9780812091083 - Mastering German Vocabulary
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Mastering German Vocabulary

Gabriele Forst

ISBN: 9780812091083
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series Inc.,U.S.

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A very useful bilingual phrase book that groups German words and their English translations strictly according to themes and relationships. Dozens of categories are presented, including politics, the military, business, communications, medicine, science, daily life, and more. Valuable as a classroom supplement, phrase book for travelers, and translation aid for specialists and technicians faced with German texts.





pproximately 5,000 words are presented in 41 separate categories, including politics, military terms, business terms, communications terms, medical terms, scientific terms, household terms, and dozens more. English-speaking readers will find ready help in translating German words and phrases sometimes too specialized to be found in ordinary alphabetically arranged bilingual dictionaries. Here's a fine school supplement for language teachers, students, and language labs, and an aid for anyone who must sometimes get information from German journals and other publications. Line art illustrations, charts, and a comprehensive alphabetical word index enhances this volume's usefulness.