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ISBN: 9781854183088 - Mastering Leadership
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Mastering Leadership

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Mike Williams

ISBN: 9781854183088
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thorogood
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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Michael Williams explores different styles of leadership, including 'hands-off, eyes and ears-on' [sensitive] leadership, exemplary leadership and inspirational leadership and demonstrates how leaders can develop the political awareness and acumen needed to succeed in any type of organization…






This book reveals the key skills needed by any leader and shows how they can be used in practice, focusing on techniques for improving individual and organisational performance and enabling mid to senior level managers to understand their own leadership style. It provides guidance on how to develop a learning organisation and how to be a successful mentor. "Insightful and thought provoking - an excellent guide for calibrating your leadership style" - Harry McCracken, Group Managing Director, Viridian Power & Energy.

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