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ISBN: 9780470503461 - Matter and Interactions: Electric and Magnetic Interactions v. 2
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Matter and Interactions: Electric and Magnetic Interactions v. 2

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Ruth W. Chabay

ISBN: 9780470503461
Format: Paperback
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Edition: 3rd Revised edition

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* Matter & Interactions, Vol. 2, Electric & Magnetic Interactions emphasizes the concepts of electric and magnetic fields and extends the study of the atomic structure of matter to include the role of electrons.






The third edition provides practicing physicists with the fundamental principles that underlie the behavior of matter while presenting a modern integration of 20th Century physics. Emphasis is placed on constructing and using physical models. Serious computer modeling is introduced in the beginning to help build a strong foundation on the use of this important tool. End-of-chapter problems delve into experiments using simple equipment to gain insight into deep scientific issues. "Stop and Think" questions are also included to engage physicists in the material.

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