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ISBN: 9780263902273 - Mediterranean Nights
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Mediterranean Nights

Penny Jordan

ISBN: 9780263902273
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon

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Proud, powerful & full of Mediterranean passion The Mistress Purchase In the boardroom - and the bedroom - Leon was undefeated! He'd taken over one of France's oldest perfume houses and the price included designer Sadie! Sadie was adamant he'd never own her, but he was intoxicating...The Demetrios Virgin Andreas needed a fiancee and he'd decided on Saskia. Saskia knew her new boss thought she was some kind of seductress. Sharing a room in his family's villa, she had to tell him she was a virgin...Marco's Convenient Wife Marco needed a marriage of convenience to his baby's English nanny, Alice! But secretly in love with Marco, for Alice the wedding was torture! Marco was all too willing to show passion in public - but what about in private...?

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