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ISBN: 9780263902037 - Meditteranean Men Unleashed
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Meditteranean Men Unleashed

Jacqueline Baird, Melanie Milburne, Natalie Rivers

ISBN: 9780263902037
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon

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Blackmailed by her husband Anton Diaz is hell-bent on revenge; he plans to seduce and marry innocent Emily Fairfax. After the wedding vows, Emily realises her mistake as they spend their days in anger and their nights locked in passion...Married for vengeance Merciless tycoon Vinn Venadicci couldn't deny his hot-blooded Italian heritage and spoilt heiress Gabriella's desperate plight was an opportunity for pay-back that he couldn't resist. She would be his this time! Wedding night wanted Lorenzo Valente's estranged wife Chloe professed to hate him now, yet only weeks earlier she was claiming adoration! The ruthless Venetian was determined to keep her and claim the wedding night from which she'd fled.