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ISBN: 9780865621541 - Mermaids 4
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Mermaids 4

A Gallery Girls Collection

Sal Quartuccio

ISBN: 9780865621541
Format: Paperback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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Features mermaids, the mystical she-creatures that have made the long ocean-going voyages worth the effort.





Of all the Gallery Girls collections, perhaps the most popular is the sea-going sirens of the Seven Seas - Mermaids! Seems they're NOT just for lonely sailors anymore! For centuries, these mystical she-creatures have made those long ocean-going voyages worth the effort! In our fourth instalment of such salty goodness, we've enlisted the aquatic artworks of such expert fisherfolk as Pelaez, Arantza, DelRivero, Colucci, Meriggi, and a boat-load of others! Just wait a half-hour after eating before plunging into this book - we don't want you cramping up!