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ISBN: 9780340825082 - Michael Parkinson on Cricket
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Michael Parkinson on Cricket

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Michael Parkinson

ISBN: 9780340825082
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hodder Paperback

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Michael Parkinson on Cricket represents the best and most humorous of the author's journalism on his favourite sport.





For most of his professional life Michael Parkinson has been a highly regarded sports journalist. This consistently entertaining collection of his best articles reminds us that his first love is cricket and the people who excel at it. His ambition to play for England was thwarted, but not before he opened the batting with a young Dickie Bird at Barnsley. Along with hilarious memories of his cricket mad father and a lost youth emulating his heroes in street games, Michael Parkinson has written compelling descriptions of great players he has known and the moments or matches during which they became famous. Unsurprisingly, there is an edge to what the author has to say about cricket administrators and the way the game is run; the book is a sheer joy to read and written with the author's easy assurance.

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