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ISBN: 9780263902235 - Mills & Boon Introduces
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Mills & Boon Introduces

Andrea Laurence, Soraya Lane, Natalie Charles

ISBN: 9780263902235
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon

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Mills & Boon introduces the fabulous new voices of Andrea Lawrence, Soroya Lane and the 2011 New Voices competition winner, Natalie Charles! 'What Lies Beneath' by Andrea Laurence, 'Soldier, Father, Husband?' by Soraya Lane, and 'The Seven-Day Target' by Natalie Charles.





Three of the finest, most exciting new writers of romance Andrea Laurence Will Cynthia Dempsey ever remember? They say she's the fiancee of media mogul Will Taylor. But though it's electric when they touch, Will is treating her as an ice queen who has betrayed him! What happened? Soraya Lane Soldier Toby Freeman has survived war, but being a single father is proving much harder! Sienna Gibson understands the difficulty of adjusting to civilian life and tries to help Toby, but her beauty is more of a distraction! Natalie Charles 2011 New Voices winner FBI agent Nick Foster has only seven days to save his ex-fiancee's life. Libby is being targeted by a stalker moving closer each day. Nick can't turn his back on her. Not even if it means putting his heart at risk!