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ISBN: 9780521372534 - Milton and the Drama of History
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Milton and the Drama of History

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David Loewenstein

ISBN: 9780521372534
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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This book explores the role of history in Milton's literary works.






How did Milton's understanding of history relate to his literary expression of it? This book explores the role of history in Milton's literary works. It focuses on the writer's imaginative responses to the historical process - his interpretations of the past, visions of the future, and sense of the contemporary historical moment. David Loewenstein presents Milton as a controversial writer actively engaged in shaping, representing and participating in the drama of history of his age. Highlighting the apocalyptic and iconoclastic components of Milton's historical vision, the book examines the more turbulent dimensions of his polemic and poetic works. It stresses the importance of his less canonical texts, including Eikonoklastes and the History of Britain, and shows how they illuminate the sense of history dramatized in Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes. Analysing the literary expressions of Milton's radicalism, this study reveals a complex interaction between consciousness and figurative expression, political vision and textual effects.

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