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ISBN: 9781107603226 - Mind, Brain and Education in Reading Disorders
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Mind, Brain and Education in Reading Disorders

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Fischer, Kurt W. (EDT)/ Bernstein, Jane Holmes (EDT)/ Immordino-yang, Mary Helen (EDT)
Kurt W. Fischer

ISBN: 9781107603226
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Explains why reading disorders have been hard to identify and how mind, brain and education can help to understand them.






One of the key topics for establishing meaningful links between brain sciences and education is the development of reading. How does biology constrain learning to read? How does experience shape the development of reading skills? How does research on biology and behaviour connect to the ways that schools, teachers and parents help children learn to read, particularly in the face of disabilities that interfere with learning? This book addresses these questions and illuminates why reading disorders have been hard to identify, how recent research has established a firm base of knowledge about the cognitive neuroscience of reading problems and the learning tools for overcoming them, and finally, what the future holds for relating mind, brain and education to understanding reading difficulties. Connecting knowledge from neuroscience, genetics, cognitive science, child development, neuropsychology and education, this book will be of interest to both academic researchers and graduate students.

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