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ISBN: 9781844010738 - Mister Blister
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Mister Blister

John Rayment

ISBN: 9781844010738
Format: Paperback
Publisher: New Generation Publishing

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Stretched round the Cornish coast o'er dale and hill The South West Coastal Path means no man ill Vast sandy beaches children's dreams to fill While surfers ride the breaker's foaming mill And Jack heads for the sand dunes with his Jill John and Phil decide to walk the Cornish coast during the 1999 total eclipse of the sun. They travel to Devon by train - the wrong coast in the wrong county. Such unconventional planning continues when they arrange to take turns going back to London despite possibly missing the eclipse. Ups and downs of the walk are reflected in their fortunes - gear goes missing and Phil suffers from horrendous blisters while John chats up anything in a skirt. John is sorry for Phil when he loves and loses, but wonders if he has a pact with the Devil when he displays super-human strength on the climbs. Ruined tin mines, the struggling fishing and tourism industries, but friendly and resilient locals, form the back-drop to this true account of 'two men on a mission'. But which will be Jack. And is there a Jill? John Rayment teaches Business Management at Ashcroft International Business School, APU, Chelmsford.

He specialises in Finance and Management, having written several texts in the field. Hard to believe given the contents of the book, these include one on Decision Making and Problem Solving. While there will always be a difference between theory and practice, this does seem to be a clear case of 'Do what I say, not what I do'.