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ISBN: 9780080405117 - Modern Power Station Practice: v.A
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Modern Power Station Practice: v.A

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Station Planning and Design

British Electricity International, P. C. Martin, I. W. Hannah

ISBN: 9780080405117
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Pergamon
Edition: 3rd

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The planning and design of new power stations can involve complex interaction between the many engineering disciplines involved as well as environmental, planning, economical, political and social pressures. This volume aims to provide a logical review of the procedures involved in power station development. The engineering aspects are outlined in detail, with examples, showing the basis of the relationships involved together with non-engineering factors so that the engineer can draw on the information provided for specific projects. The civil engineering and building of power stations are also treated, from the earliest planning and site selection studies, through estimating, finance and quantity surveying, to final landscaping.