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ISBN: 9781849434690 - Monkey Bars
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Monkey Bars

Chris Goode

ISBN: 9781849434690
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd

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A unique, award-winning verbatim play developed out of conversations with over forty children aged between seven and ten. These candid conversations focus on moments of transition and change; on being scared, getting lost, being brave, growing up; and on their perspective on the adult world that surrounds and awaits them.





"When you're a child you don't really think...cos you like to live like a child. Doesn't really seem you're just going to be an adult. Like time flies by and you just want...to, like, stay as a child, but you just enjoy things, the way it goes. Award-winning writer Chris Goode asked over seventy young children to talk about their lives. In Monkey Bars, their words are spoken by adults - playing adults in adult situations. A revelatory verbatim show that's funny, touching and endlessly surprising."

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