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ISBN: 9781889140124 - More 1-2-3 Magic
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More 1-2-3 Magic

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Encouraging Good Behavior, Independence and Self-Esteem

Thomas W. Phelan

ISBN: 9781889140124
Format: Video Cassette
Publisher: ParentMagic, Incorporated

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In this video you will learn how to encourage positive behaviour, responsible independence and a healthy self-concept. Discover easy-to-learn techniques to get your kids to START: Picking up; Eating dinner; Doing homework; Going to bed; Staying in bed; Doing chores. You will also learn: Three parental qualities that foster competent kids; How to encourage and respect your childs growing independence; How to run effective Family Meetings. The video features Dr Phelans entertaining seminar presentation and real-life family vignettes. Approximate running time: 120-minutes.

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