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ISBN: 9781854594907 - Mr. Kolpert
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Mr. Kolpert

David Gieselmann

ISBN: 9781854594907
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Nick Hern Books

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Ralf and Sarah are bored. They decide to invite a couple of friends round for drinks and pizza. To spice things up Ralf pretends there's a dead body in their trunk - the dead body of one of their colleagues at work. But maybe Ralf is not pretending after all...

With its echoes of Alan Ayckbourn and Joe Orton, Mr Kolpert is a thoroughly alarming black comedy. Its world premiere was at the Royal Court Theatre in London in May 2000.





Published to coincide with its premiere at the Royal Court, this play is a riotous satire on the trendy bourgeoisie. Ralf decides to spice up a dinner party by claiming that the body of a work colleague is hidden in the blanket chest - but, he's not pretending!