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ISBN: 9780415366342 - Museum Basics
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Museum Basics

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Timothy Ambrose, Crispin Paine

ISBN: 9780415366342
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Routledge
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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Museums throughout the world have common needs and face common challenges. Keeping up to date with new ideas and changing practice is considerably demanding for small museums where time for reading and training is often restricted. Museum Basics has therefore been written for the many museums worldwide that operate with limited resources and few staff.

Drawing from a wide range of practical experience…






Fully updated and extended to include the many changes that have occurred in the last decade, this second edition of world-renowned text "Museum Basics" provides a basic guide to all aspects of museum work and staff experience from museum organization, through collections management and conservation, to audience development and education. Drawing on a wide range of practical experience, the authors have provided an excellent tool that enable museums throughout the world to conquer a common challenge; to keep up-to-date with new ideas and changing practices. Organized on a modular basis, with over 100 units, "Museum Basics" is a reference to support day-to-day museum management, a key text in pre-service and in-service training programmes, and works brilliantly alongside case studies, project work and group discussion. With glossary, sources of information and a select bibliography, this is certainly a book that no museum professional, nor museum and heritage studies student will want to be without.

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