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ISBN: 9781108004114 - My African Travels
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My African Travels

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Henry Morton Stanley

ISBN: 9781108004114
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Henry Morton Stanley presents a brief account of his adventurous expeditions in the heart of Africa during 1871-1884.






Published in 1886, My African Travels is a succinct record of British American explorer Henry Morton Stanley's adventurous African expeditions during 1871-1884 and the results of his travels. Stanley, was commissioned by New York Herald to undertake a secret mission to find and rescue the Scottish missionary David Livingstone, who was lost in the midst of the African jungle. Stanley describes his journey through the forests and rivers of Africa and his encounters with the African wildlife, tribespeople, and Arab settlers and traders amidst the variegated beauty of places such as Unyamwezi, Usagara, Ukawendi, and Tanganika districts. Ranging over events such as Stanley's historic rescue of Livingstone to Livingstone's death and Stanley's further expeditions in Africa and his exploration and development of the Congo state, My African Travels is the saga of a passionate explorer with graphic descriptions of the vicissitudes of an African journey.

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