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ISBN: 9781444702446 - NIV Teen Study Bible
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NIV Teen Study Bible

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New International Version

ISBN: 9781444702446
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

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The US's bestselling Bible for teens, now revised for a new generation.





Now with updated and revised NIV text this Bible also has extra features designed for teens such as: 'We Believe' sections looking at foundations of faith and the Bible passages that support it. 'Panorama' Overviews of each book 'To the Point' explains what the Bible has to say about today's pressing issues 'Instant Access' What God has to say to teens personally 'Q&A' Fun and trivia from the Bible 'Dear Jordan' questions and answers to teen issues with Bible references Also includes key indexes, maps, memory verses and feature information about the context of Bible passages.