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ISBN: 9781848766686 - Nelson 'n' Deck and Friends
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Nelson 'n' Deck and Friends

How the Adventures Began

C. M. Gillott

ISBN: 9781848766686
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Matador

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When you think of London, what jumps into your mind? Do you think it's just a busy place filled with lots of people and tourists? Is it where you or your friends live or go to school? What about somewhere where dads and mums go to work? Do you picture Big Ben or Buckingham Palace? The list could go on and on, couldn't it?





Whatever you thought, you'd be totally right, but...Did you also know that it's a place full of amazing surprises and adventures? If you know the right places to look that is! London is a magical city with big, bright lights and wonderful, historical, places and sights to visit and enjoy all year round. These are the stories about an eleven-year-old boy called Jack and his ten-year-old sister, Keira, who moved to London with their parents and discovered a magical world that only a few lucky people ever get to see and experience. By chance one day, they met a funny-looking pigeon and a big, red, old, open-topped London Routemaster bus on a visit to the London Transport Museum. It was the beginning of lots of wonderful adventures for them, and along the way they got introduced to many great, new friends in London. Do you want to find out what happened? Okay, then come with me as we join them on their adventures.

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