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ISBN: 9780865621695 - Nestler Girls
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Nestler Girls

Volume 1

Dave Nestler, Sal Quartuccio

ISBN: 9780865621695
Format: Paperback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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A gallery viewing of the author's pencils, studies, and his full colour paintings.





When your name becomes a way to describe s style of pin-up, you know you are arrived! Dave Nestler's unique portraits of stunning young ladies in perfect poses has made this former commercial artist a colossal success! Taking the plunge from steady/safe work in advertising, Dave's approach and appeal in the art market has made him a bit of a rock-star, complete with an adoring fan base and a delightful collection of top-flight models/muses! In this latest showcase of Dave's work, we get a gallery viewing of his latest pencils, studies, and most delightfully -- his full colour paintings. His airbrushed angels fairly float off the page -- fantasy never looked this real!