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ISBN: 9780470402528 - Neutrons in Soft Matter
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Neutrons in Soft Matter

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Imae, Toyoko (EDT)/ Kanaya, Toshiji (EDT)/ Furusaka, Michihiro (EDT)/ Torikai, Naoya (EDT)
Toyoko Imae

ISBN: 9780470402528
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

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* The first book to address instrumental techniques related to neutron and synchrotron research. * Provides a handbook of theory, instrumentation, and applications of neutron techniques that can be used to probe micro- and nano- structure and dynamics in soft matter.






Neutron and synchrotron facilities, which are beyond the scale of the laboratory, and supported on a national level in countries throughout the world. These tools for probing micro- and nano-structure research and on fast dynamics research of atomic location in materials have been key in the development of new polymer-based materials. Different from several existing professional books on neutron science, this book focuses on theory, instrumentation, an applications. The book is divided into five parts: Part 1 describes the underlying theory of neutron scattering. Part 2 describes the various instruments that exist and the various techniques used to achieve neutron scattering or bombardment. Part 3 discusses data treatment and simulation methods as well as how to assess the environment of the sample (temperature, pressure, shear, and external fields). Part 4 addresses the myriad applications of small and large molecules, biomolecules, and gels. Part 5 describes the various global neutron sources that exist and provides an overview of the different reactors.