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ISBN: 9780865621961 - Night Song: v. 1
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Night Song: v. 1

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Sal Quartuccio

ISBN: 9780865621961
Format: Hardback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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Presents a fresh gallery of full colour paintings.





Is it the constant craving for the crimson essence that drives them? The tragic splendour of an eternal youth spent in endless night? Or is it the blood sport of raw power that makes these women so beautifully dangerous? Who can truly know? To observe these deadly beauties from a safe distance, a new gallery of full colour paintings has been assembled. Red ripe artists from across the globe give tribute, including Arantza, Steve Fastner and Rich Larson, James Hottinger, David Dunstan, Inaki, Maraschi, Sosa, Greg Lopez, Ossio, and Pelaez. Twilight was never so inviting!