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ISBN: 9781400699728 - NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight
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NOOK® Simple Touch GlowLight™

EAN: 9781400699728

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Further details:
Available for sale to UK customers only; we cannot supply to overseas customers.

2GB eReader which holds up to 1,000 books (1GB for content; 750 MB reserved for B&N conten





Perfect for Bed and Bright Sunlight

- Revolutionary GlowLight evenly illuminates your entire page for perfect reading in the dark

- GlowLight adjusts easily with just a touch and turns on/off instantly

- 6" E Ink® display lets you enjoy just-like-paper reading with no glare - even in bright sunlight

- Shop from an amazing selection of bestselling eBooks, magazines & newspapers. Sample eBooks for free

- Best-Text makes words ultra-crisp. Customize your reading with easy-to-adjust fonts

- Extra-long battery life lets you read for over 2 months with GlowLight off, 1 month with GlowLight on*

- Incredibly light - only 197 grams**

- Installed rechargeable battery

- Charge via USB to a computer (Charging time: approximately 3 1/2 hours from computer) or from a wall outlet using a power adapter (sold separately)

- Magazine and newspaper subscriptions delivered instantly when they are released

*With GlowLight on at the default brightness setting and wireless off, a single charge will last over 1 month based on ½ hour of daily reading and a 1 page refresh per minute. A single charge lasts over 2 months with GlowLight off based on ½ hour of daily reading time and 1 page refresh per minute. Battery life depends on device settings, individual usage, and many other factors. Actual results may vary.
**Actual Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.