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ISBN: 9781550712933 - Obsessed with Language
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Obsessed with Language

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Chantal Bouchard

ISBN: 9781550712933
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Guernica Editions,Canada

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Did the Quebec "habitant" of the nineteenth century speak "Parisian French" or "French-Canadian patois?" And does this matter? And is the joual of the 1960s a language or a sub-standard version of French? And does this matter? Since the early nineteenth-century French-Canadians have been harangued to speak good French, improve their language, and demonstrate pride in their heritage and the history of their culture through their language…






A fascinating study of the French-Canadian dialect, this insightful analysis examines the intimate relationship between Quebec and its heartily defended dialect, from 19th-century Parisian French to the joual of the 1960s.