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ISBN: 9780545026031 - Old Macdonald
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Old Macdonald

Michelle Berg

ISBN: 9780545026031
Format: Multimedia Item
Publisher: Scholastic
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Little ones will love Duck, Cat, Pig and their soft-to-touch friends in this hand-puppet board book. With an adorable animal on each fingertip and a board book attached to the palm, this soft hand puppet is an easy way to read and play with your baby.





This title includes 5 adorable farm-animal faces top each finger of a velour glove puppet that features a small board book attached to the palm. Parents can quack-quack, oink-oink, moo-moo, meow-meow, and woof-woof while they manipulate the five farm animal finger puppets: a duck, a pig, a cow, a cat, and a dog. Using the soft, colorful hand puppet, parents and children can make the fingertip critters come to life. And the board book, featuring the well-known nursery song, conveniently nestled in the palm of the puppet, making the entire package self-contained and perfect for reading aloud.

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