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ISBN: 9780749908911 - One Silent Night
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One Silent Night

Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN: 9780749908911
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Piatkus Books

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The latest novel in Sherrilyn Kenyon's popular Dark-Hunter series





It's the Christmas season and all hell's breaking loose. Literally. While humans shop, an angry demon lord is plotting an all-out onslaught against his enemies, which - unfortunately for us - includes the human race. But as Stryker gathers his forces, he discovers a grown daughter he never knew existed and an angry ex, Zephyra, who's as determined to end his existence as he is to end ours. The ultimate predator is about to meet his match as new battle lines are drawn and the Dark-Hunters are rallied for a blood bath on Christmas Eve. The only question is this: can Stryker survive his oldest enemy to fight the ones he really wants to kill - or will Zephyra finally have her shot at the husband who abandoned her?

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