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ISBN: 9781848009967 - Perineal and Anal Sphincter Trauma
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Perineal and Anal Sphincter Trauma

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Sultan, Abdul H. (EDT)/ Thakar, Ranee (EDT)/ Fenner, Dee E. (EDT)
Abdul H. Sultan

ISBN: 9781848009967
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Springer London Ltd
Edition: 1st ed. 2007. 2nd printing 2008

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This comprehensive text focuses on the maternal morbidity associated with childbirth. It provides a step-by- step approach in the understanding of perineal anatomy and offers tips on how to make an accurate diagnosis and classify perineal trauma.






This book clarifies and explains perineal anatomy and the pathophysiology of anal incontinence as well as applied pharmacology. It also institutes the new recommended classification of perineal tears, and describes anal sphincter repair techniques. The emphasis is on correct post-operative management, management of pregnancy following previous anal sphincter injury, and prevention of anal sphincter tears. The book will interest students, colorectal surgeons, physiotherapists, midwives, continence advisors, labour wards and lawyers.

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