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ISBN: 9780824965716 - Peter Cottontail's Busy Day
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Peter Cottontail's Busy Day

Joseph R. Ritchie

ISBN: 9780824965716
Format: Board Book
Publisher: Ideals Children's Books,U.S.

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Peter Cottontail and his friends color eggs, make chocolate bunnies, harvest jelly beans, and weave baskets in preparation for Easter. Lift-up flaps reveal the treats they are gathering.





For ages 4+. Peter Cottontail awakens to a day filled with chores, because today is the day before Easter! In this delightful story, Peter heads for the farm to gather coloured eggs, then to Nick the Squirrel's for nuts and on to Prickly Pete's and Uncle Benj's mine for jelly beans. Finally, he seeks out Abbey Turtle for baskets. Children will love to lift the flaps as they look for eggs, sweets, baskets and other surprises.

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