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ISBN: 9780753418970 - Peter Kent's a City Across Time
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Peter Kent's a City Across Time

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Peter Kent

ISBN: 9780753418970
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Kingfisher Books Ltd

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*A revised and expanded edition of a classic title from renowned illustrator Peter Kent.





*Peter Kent's brilliant cross-sections show how an early settlement changes into a bustling, modern-day city. The lively, warm and friendly illustrations are packed with absorbing and eye-opening details, and clearly show how new buildings are constructed on the rubble of the old. Eagle-eyed readers will have hours of fun spotting the descendants of one particular family though the centuries, and seeing how once-grand buildings become buried and how some structures remain through the centuries. Brand-new artworks and spreads reveal the prehistoric origins of the settlement, its 21st-century development and even give a glimpse into the far future, when ice sheets threaten to overwhelm the city.

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