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ISBN: 9781848778368 - Phantom, One Last Chance
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Phantom, One Last Chance

Belinda Rapley

ISBN: 9781848778368
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Templar Publishing

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The fourth adventure with the Pony Detectives' and theres more mayhem with the girls. The Pony Detectives; suspect that someone might be meddling with the horse, will they find out who?





Charlie's horse, Phantom, has become tricky to ride, and when he bolts one day Charlie is left injured. To make matters worse, strange things are happening at the yard - tack is being moved and animals let out of the field. The Pony Detectives suspect that someone might be sneaking in and meddling, but can they discover exactly what's going on before things get out of hand? The fourth book in the adventure-filled PONY DETECTIVES mysteries.