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ISBN: 9780811855334 - Photo/stoner
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Matt Warshaw

ISBN: 9780811855334
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Chronicle Books

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In 1965, coastal Southern California truly was the promised land. Surf photographer Ron Stoner effortlessly captured all of its graces. Surfing historian Matt Warshaw recounts the strange story of Stoner's disappearance.





In 1965, Ron Stoner was the best surf photographer in the business. Every month, he shot the balmy beaches, bikini-clad girls, and achingly beautiful waves of Southern California for "Surfer Magazine." Then, at the height of his fame, Ron Stoner walked off this sunny stage and disappeared forever. In "Photo/Stoner," Stoner's strange story is recounted by surfing historian Matt Warshaw alongside Stoner's best photos, reproduced as never before. In these rare images, Stoner recorded more than just a beautiful wave or a perfect moment, he captured the effortless and innocent grace of coastal Californiapre-condominium. In word and in image, "Photo/Stoner" is a poignant ode to a lost era, and a lost man.