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ISBN: 9781860647758 - Picturing Childhood
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Picturing Childhood

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The Myth of the Child in Popular Imagery

Patricia Holland

ISBN: 9781860647758
Format: Paperback
Publisher: I.B.Tauris

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Patricia Holland looks anew at debates and mythologies about children and childhood that have circulated from the 1970s to the present. She reveals that…






Whether controversial or taken for granted, pictures of children are everywhere - in magazines, newspapers and advertisements, on greetings cards and the Internet. "Picturing Childhood" demonstrates how these familiar images reveal a view of childhood which is constantly changing. With debates over children's rights in the 1970s, child sexual abuse in the 1980s, violent children in the 1990s and precocity and consumerism in the 2000s, the traditional image of childhood innocence survives only as a form of kitsch. Using images from a wide variety of sources, this text considers the popular imagery in relation to news, education, welfare, charity and consumerism and asks what implications does all this have for the ways in which children themselves are treated?

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