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ISBN: 9781841017099 - Pilgrims to the Manger
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Pilgrims to the Manger

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Exploring the Wonder of God with Us

Naomi Starkey

ISBN: 9781841017099
Format: Paperback
Publisher: BRF (The Bible Reading Fellowship)

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Provides an invitation to a pilgrimage through Advent, to Christmas itself and on to Epiphany. This title reflects on a range of issues - the significance of the festivities, the values that underpin our lives, some of the other special days in the Church calendar, and how we can begin to deepen our understanding of God's perspective on our world.





This title contains daily Bible readings and reflections around the theme of pilgrimage. It includes reflections on the seasonal celebrations, the values we live by, some of the other 'red letter' days in the Church calendar - and how we go about discovering more of God's perspective on our lives. Reflections interspersed with an imaginary pilgrim journey, through the city streets and beyond, finding insights into faith along the way. It helps us to think about the choices we make at this time of the year. Includes material for group discussion. It is suitable for: those looking for the BRF Advent book - Bible readings and reflections for every day between December 1 and January 6; new Daylight readers; and, those who read the author's other book, "Good Enough Mother". This title covers such topics as: Introduction; December 1-7 - 'Eat, drink and be merry'; December 8-14 - 'Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can'; December 15-21 - heavenly perspectives; December 22-28 - pilgrims to the manger; December 29 - January 4 - travelling into tomorrow; and, January 5-6 - the way ahead. Each week begins with a brief introduction to the overall theme and then unpacks the theme over the following seven days, with Bible readings drawn from across Scripture.