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ISBN: 9781840112702 - Pirateology
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Dugald Steer

ISBN: 9781840112702
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Templar Publishing

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Aims to offers a variety of recreations and novelties, such as a compass set into the cover; a treasure map; a working sun-dial; a page of foiled, embossed doubloons; and more.





Very much in the style of Templar's groundbreaking "Dragonology", "Piratology" is the 1720 work of Captain William Lubber, Pirate Hunter General to the Admiralty, and contains a similar variety of recreations and novelties, such as a real compass set into the cover, a hidden treasure map, a working sun-dial, a page of foiled, embossed doubloons and pieces of eight and much more. Lubber is also hot on the trail of wicked pirate Arabella Drummond, her cut-throat crew of sea dogs and her ship's cat, the redoubtable Mr. Teach. "Pirateology" follows the enormously successful "Dragonology", "Egyptology" and Wizardology", which have each sold over one million copies worldwide.

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