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ISBN: 9780141442396 - Plain Tales from the Hills
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Plain Tales from the Hills

Rudyard Kipling

ISBN: 9780141442396
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Classics

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A collection of short stories, including "Lispeth", "Beyond the Pale" and "In the Pride of His Youth".





"Plain Tales from the Hills", Rudyard Kipling's first collection of short stories, established his reputation and brought India to the British imagination. Including the stories "Lispeth", "Beyond the Pale" and "In the Pride of His Youth", they tell of soldiers, wise children, exiles, forbidden romances and divided identities, creating a rich portrait of Anglo-Indian society. Originally published for a newspaper in Lahore when Kipling was a journalist, the tales were later revised by him to re-create as vividly as possible the sights and smells of India for readers at home. Far from being a celebration of empire, these stories explore the barriers between races, classes and sexes, and convey all the tensions and contradictions of colonial life.

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