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ISBN: 9781854183743 - Practical Pricing for Results
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Practical Pricing for Results

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Ian Ruskin-Brown

ISBN: 9781854183743
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thorogood

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This is a practical guide for managers and directors in SMEs and such like on how best to manage their pricing policies, strategies and practices so as to capture more fully the value they provide to their customers, and so optimize their own business's profitability…






This book provides entrepreneurs with a practical guide on how to set and manage the pricing of both the products and services that they offer. It outlines the process of deriving a pricing strategy first, and then monitoring the profit implications of any pricing decisions made. In a logical, sequential format, the author sets out basic financial tools such as the Profit and Loss Account, and explains how best to understand, and negotiate within, the business to business and business to consumer markets. In a climate of market instability, the book is a timely examination of pricing as an essential practical discipline in the business world.

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