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ISBN: 9780865420762 - Principles of Modern Geophysics
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Principles of Modern Geophysics

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Professor Norman Sleep

ISBN: 9780865420762
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Blackwell Science Inc.

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Principles of Geophysics by Norman H. Sleep and Kazuya Fujita is an essential…






This textbook will be a standard for undergraduate courses in global geophysics and exploration geophysics. Unlike other recent texts, it is organized along the classical basic disciplines of geophysics. Only elementary calculus is assumed of the student, and the level of mathematics escalates through each chapter so that the book can be used by both geology and geophysics students. The reader will be aided by the use of worked examples and discussion of methodological and computational pitfalls, and notes on further reading lead the student into the research literature. The manuscript has been thoroughly field tested in a number of university departments.