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ISBN: 9781845284091 - Probate
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Gordon Bowley

ISBN: 9781845284091
Format: Paperback
Publisher: How To Books Ltd
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An easy-to-follow and clear explanation of how to administer an estate






The majority of applications for probate that follow someone's death can be dealt with inexpensively by any reasonably intelligent person with time available and a little guidance. This easy-to-follow book clearly explains all the information you need to administer the deceased's estate, from dealing with the urgent practical matters to preparing and submitting the relevant forms, paying inheritance tax, and distributing the estate. You'll find specimen forms and letters and a list of useful addresses that will enable you to deal with it all yourself. Contents: Preface; 1. What is probate, when is it necessary and what is involved? 2. Who can and should wind up the estate; 3. Getting started; 4. Next steps; 5. From preparing and submitting the forms to distributing the estate; 6. Distributing the estate; Appendices: 1. Specimen forms and letter; 2. Useful addresses; 3. Glossary; Index.

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