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ISBN: 9781848778351 - Puzzle, the Runaway Pony
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Puzzle, the Runaway Pony

Belinda Rapley

ISBN: 9781848778351
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Templar Publishing

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We return to Blackberry Farm for another fun filled adventure with Rosie, Alice, Mia and Charlie. Will the girls find the runaway pony in time?





When a wild-looking, mud-covered pony appears on the same day that expensive local horse Phantom has vanished into thin air, the girls have their hands full investigating the case of Phantom and trying to find a home for Puzzle - the pony they found. But as they try to trace Puzzle's owner, secrets about Phantom also start to emerge. Will the girls find a way to ensure a safe future for both horses, and can they crack this odd case? The third book in the adventure-filled PONY DETECTIVES mysteries.