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ISBN: 9781854114594 - Qwerty
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Paul Groves

ISBN: 9781854114594
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Seren

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This fresh collection contains not only the type of ironic, sly, and coolly witty poems we have come to expect from this writer (the unlikely drama of a 'Convention of Russian Undertakers', the horrors of a party of 'Greenland Literati', two unexpectedly refined fitters in 'Against Stereotype') but also material with quirky turns and melancholic hints, such as the surreal and oddly moving 'Fly in a Hospital' and the elegiac 'Falling off the Chrysler Building'…






Paul Groves' work is characterised by a sharp wit and pitch-black humour, coupled with an unsurpassed mastery of form. In "Qwerty", his fifth collection of poetry, he again ranges freely from the sinister to the unsettling and the deeply shocking. Yet such is technical adroitness, he remains very much the poet's poet. Paul Groves was brought up in Wales, lived for twenty-five years in the Forest of Dean, and has now recrossed the border and lives in Monmouth. He has been strikingly successful in national and international competitions and has published poetry and criticism in a wide range of periodicals, including "London Magazine", "Poetry Review" and "The Times Literary Supplement".