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ISBN: 9781840240863 - Real Grappling
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Real Grappling

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Geoff Thompson

ISBN: 9781840240863
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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A step-by-step illustrated manual to achieve competence in the grappling arts.





Grappling (wrestling) is probably the oldest genre of combat known to man. Throughout the world, wrestling and grappling have been part of every culture, probably due to the fact that pulling, holding, lifting and carrying are far more natural to us as living and working human beings than punching and striking. This manual takes the reader step by step through the moves and techniques required to become competent in the grappling arts. These moves can be used to compliment other forms of martial arts, or used alone in close-range self defence. Topics covered include beating kickers and punchers, history of grappling, training equipment, safety in practice, vertical grappling, groundwork, joint locks, throws, stance and grips.

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